Company Background

Ozone Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd (Ozone) is a specialist independent industrial market research and strategy development company operating in South Africa. Ozone was formed in 2003 from Chemical Marketing and Consulting Services (CMCS) which Henry Laing started up in 1986.

Ozone specialises in Industrial Market Research, Data Analysis, Comprehensive Reporting, Business Consulting, Competitor Analysis,  Business Development and Marketing Strategy Development. Over 500 detailed market research studies have been completed for more than 180 clients since 1986.

Ozone's specialist market research areas are:

South African Chemical Sector Market Research with more than 1 000 chemical market profiles completed (see the Chemical Reports page). Ozone has developed a database across the chemical value chain and chemical end use sectors dating back to 1986, which gives us a competitive advantage in having in-depth knowledge of major players per sub-sector for accurate quantification purposes.

African Chemical Trade Analysis i.e. the most recent available import and export volumes and values within each of the 12 chemical sub-sectors (per chemical) for African countries. Data is available in a spreadsheet format, including an analysis of the major imported products and annual comparisons in data trade movements.

Energy Consumption Profiles across the major industrial sectors in South Africa that were developed to identify Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (DSM) opportunities in the industrial, municipal and commercial sectors.

Manufacturing Database for approximately 15 000 operations in South Africa, which is updated on a continuous basis as market research studies are completed. The following sectors are included: Chemicals, Primary Metals, Metal Products, Food and Beverages, Textiles and Textile Products, Pulp, Paper and Paper Products, Saw Milling and Wood Products, Non-metallic Mineral Products, Mining, as well as Mineral Beneficiation and Refining.

Hazardous Waste Research including the production, classification, processing, and waste management business development and recycling opportunities.

Other Industrial Market Surveys including building materials, steel products, industrial equipment, analytical services, bulk storage and transport, and skills development, amongst others.