Chemical Reports

Ozone Business Consulting has a database on the production, trade and demand of the full chemical pipeline in South Africa. This database is kept up to date with product specific market surveys. A list of chemicals already researched is provided alphabetically at the bottom of this page. New chemicals are continually added to this list as more research is done. 

The chemical sub-sectors as developed with the Department of Trade & Industry are as follows: Liquid Fuels & Associated Products, Commodity Organic & Inorganic Chemicals, Primary Polymers (Plastics) & Rubbers, Fine Chemicals (e.g. actives for agricultural chemicals & pharmaceuticals), Speciality Formulated Chemicals (e.g. construction chemicals, flavours & fragrances, metal treatment chemicals, pulp and paper chemicals, adhesives & sealants, paints & coatings, inks, agricultural chemicals, etc.), Pure Functional Chemicals (catalysts, emulsions, food acids, pigments, mining chemicals, plasticisers, resins, surfactants, etc.), Bulk Formulated Chemicals (fertilisers & explosives), Pharmaceuticals (in end dosage form), Consumer Formulated Chemicals (household cleaning products, cosmetics & toiletries), Plastic & Rubber Converted Products, and Man-made Filament Yarns & Fibres (from plastic polymers).

Chemical Reports are available in the following formats:

1. South African Chemical Product Profile: Current information for a specific chemical product, including the names of local producers, overall local production (where publically available), trade (i.e. imports and exports by major countries), and a list of major local applications.

2. African Chemical Trade Analysis: Historical trade analysis of a specific chemical products, including major import and export countries in volume and value.

3. African Country Trade Analysis: Historical trade analysis (imports and exports in volume and value) of all chemicals for a specific African country, sorted by the largest value chemicals traded in the latest available year. A comparitive analysis is shown for each chemical with previous years' trade data.

4. Detailed Market Studies: Detailed market research for a specific chemical product, including names of local producers, overall local production (where publically available), trade (i.e. imports and exports by major countries), consumption by major application and end user (i.e. strictly confidential within a specific project). Additional information (as per customer specification) may include identified suppliers, technical specifications, current delivered prices, delivery requirements, trends and developments, potential replacement threats, purchasing behaviour (i.e. spot or contract purchasing), marketing requirements (i.e. quality, pricing, availability, etc.), approval requirements (i.e. laboratory samples, timing, pilot plant samples, etc.).

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